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West Devon County Netball

West Devon Netball works with players and volunteers in an area from just south of Okehampton in the North to Kingsbridge and Ashburton in the South and East. It provides the link between England Netball & Netball South West to Plymouth Netball and its clubs.

Until 2006 the county association selected and trained players across a wide range of age groups and took part in a national, county based competition culminating in national tournaments each year. However, the competition structure is now club based and the role of the association has changed to that of a developmental one, supporting young players and volunteers and working with local colleagues to promote the sport of Netball.

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of West Devon Netball or would like to apply for funding, please contact Marc Whaley in the first instance

All members of West Devon Netball are eligible to claim for re-imbursement of expenses if they attend a course, workshop or any form of netball related CPD.

You must be able to evidence how attendance will benefit your club, league or county association and what outcomes you hope to achieve as a result of completing the course.

Completed forms should be sent to Marc Whaley (e-mail or phone for a postal address) and will be discussed at the next county committee meeting. Forms can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here: Expenses Claim Form

Awards made are subject to funding being available at the time of application and the committee’s decision is final. Typically you might receive a percentage of the total cost.

If you’re unsure of the type of training that might qualify for funding please contact Marc.

For information on the regional blueprint for junior development in the South West together with the ways in which West Devon Netball are mirroring that format click here

Key contacts include: (currently being updated)

Marc Whaley (Chair)

Karen Jones (umpiring secretary)
E-mail: Karen.jones@umpireonline.net

Sadie Burt (Vice Chair and Regional League contact)
E-mail: sadieburt@hollytrees6.fsnet.co.uk