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Your PDNL Coaching Secretary is Jaclyn Messer. Jaclyn can be contacted on J.messer@hotmail.co.uk

The PDNL Coaching secretary is in place to develop coaching within the league and to support all coaches, wishing to develop their coaching.

Coaches play a crucial role in Netball and have significant influence on the participants they coach, helping them to reach their full potential. They are responsible for training athletes and providing them with the skills and competencies necessary through structured, enjoyable and safe practices.

Plymouth Netball is always looking to develop and improve the network of coaches within the county. UKCC courses are organised across the Region to help coaches gain qualifications, whilst independent workshops are organised in the city and county to offer support and development.

Devon Coaching Secretary and the Netball South West Regional Excel Head Coach and Regional Excel Development Coaches.

Coaching Courses
For more information on Courses and Awards click here: http://www.englandnetball.co.uk/officiating/Courses_and_Awards.php

What is UKCC?
England Netball’s structure of coaching courses is established under the United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC), which is an endorsement of sports specific coach education and, is about supporting Our Great Game and making coaching better.

There are currently 3 levels of qualifications available:

UKCC Level 1 Netball Coach – £170 per person
This course is 3 days in duration with typical hours of 9am – 6pm. Attendees must attend all 3 days and successfully complete a portfolio and practical assessment to become qualified. To be eligible to attend this course you must:
• Be at least 16 years of age
• Have a sound knowledge and experience of Netball
• Have a sound understanding of the rules

UKCC Level 2 Netball Coach – £360 per person
This course is 5 days in duration with typical hours of 9am – 6pm. Attendees must attend all 5 days and successfully complete a portfolio and practical assessment to become qualified. To be eligible to attend this course you must:
• Be at least 18 years of age
• Have been an active coach in Netball for a minimum of 2 years
• Have attended (prior to completion of the course) a recognised Child Protection/Duty of Care training course
• Have attended (prior to completion of the course) a recognised Emergency 1st Aid course

UKCC Level 3 Netball Coach – £1,200 per person
This course is 8 days in duration with typical hours varying between 9am – 6pm & 4pm – 8pm; attendees must attend all 8 days and successfully complete a portfolio and practical assessment to become qualified. To be eligible to attend this course you must:
• Be coaching and training the same team in a club/team environment with regular training sessions and have competitive matches on a regular basis
• Experience of coaching the same group of players for a full Netball season within the past 3 years
• Experience of coaching a variety of players at more than one element of the performance pathway and at a variety of age groups
• Desirable to be IT literate and have access to the web

Prior to booking a place on this course it is recommended you attend the taster session.
The Taster session provides you with the opportunity to reflect on what you expect and want to achieve from attending the course it also allows England Netball to highlight what they expect from you and to detail what support you will receive in return throughout your attendance on this course. The Taster Session is free of charge.

Excel Workshops
England Netball has introduced  new practical coaching workshops. The workshops are aimed at providing coaches and teachers with a better understanding of specific areas of player/game development, the tool kit required to analyse and correct technique, and fresh ideas for building coaching practices and sessions.

Sharp Shooting: Essential Shooting Skills for Netball
The course will examine the technique of shooting and the associated game strategies linked to this position namely, shooter rotation, balance, ‘T’ position and the support of attacking players on the circle edge. The coach will be introduced to observation and analysis skills and will acquire knowledge of the common errors and corrective measures linked to various phases of the shooting action. In the workshop coaches will gain hands on experience working with a shooter and correcting a mismatch with guidance from the tutor. Shooter programmes will be reviewed and the use of tools / props explored to enhance the practice environment for the shooter in training.

On the Move: Essential Movement Skills for Netball
The course will introduce the coach to the essential movement skills required for effective performance in netball. Specific tasks will enable the coach to identify the coaching points, common errors and corrective measures associated with each of the movement skills. The workshop will examine practice design and outline how to progress a movement skill practice with specific emphasis on making progressions game related throughout.

Activate: Essential Attacking Skills for Netball
This course will examine the qualities of an attacking player and will explore the methods a player can utilise to get free. The workshop will apply the Games for Understanding approach and review how a meaningful games experience can be embedded in the coaching session. Coaches will be introduced to the principles of attacking play and will observe and analyse performance in relation to these in the workshop. The coach will be equipped with the skills to plan practices which are in a games context and will recognise the value of placing conditions on games to improve the practice. The workshop will address set ups, first and second phase options in a range of game situations. The cues an attacker should attend and respond to will be a feature of the workshop with a particular emphasis on the centre pass.

Getting Physical: Strength and Conditioning for Netball
Getting physical is a workshop to help coaches understand and implement some key physical training ideas specifically for netball. This is a practical workshop that will take coaches through; injury prevention strategies related to posture and the development of efficient movement patterns and strength development exercises to increase athletic performance on court. Coaches will learn progressive exercises recommended for players progressing along the Excel pathway which have relevance to all levels of performance. Coaches will learn how to incorporate conditioning principles into netball training sessions through varying intensity levels and combining skill practice with fitness training. The workshop will also look at practical and easy methods of measuring player fitness and identify post training recovery methods.

England Netball Workshops In The South West
Info to follow

Excel (Talent) Pathway (Coaching Opportunities)
The Excel Pathway is the England Netball process for developing talented athletes to attain excellence. The pathway consists of the Excel Plus programme (the U21 and National Squad) and below that the National Excel Pathway (Talent 1 & 2). Beneath the National Pathway sits the Regional Excel Pathway which is inclusive of 3 progressive programmes:
There are opportunities for any aspiring coach to become involved within the programme or even to observe sessions.

If you are interested in becoming involved or observing at any of these academies please contact Denise Ellis Netball South West Regional Development Coach on 07968111062 or via email on dennetball@sky.com

The Satellite Academy is the first stage of the England Netball Excel Pathway. It is for talented athletes under 14 and focuses on individual development. The Satellite Academy is a 20 hour programme and runs from September to March.

The County Academy is the second stage of the England England Netball Excel Pathway. It is for talented athletes aged between 14 and 16 (although some athletes aged 17 & 18 may be considered). The County Academy is a 20 hour programme and runs from September to March.

Talent and Performance Centres
The Regional Excel Programme is run by Netball South West.

The Regional Excel Programme is delivered at five Talent and Performance Centres across the South West: Our nearest Talent & Performance Centre is in :-
City:Plymouth, Coach:Denise Ellis, Venue: Ivybridge Community College

The focus is on working within units and aerobic conditioning. At this stage there is a greater individualisation of finesses and technical training. The emphasis remains on training with competition used to test and refined skills.

The recommended age group for the Regional Excel Programme is U17 years, however age range is flexible to cater for individual needs and maturation.

From the Regional Programme, nominations will be put forward for the ‘England Talent Programme’ trials in February.

These programmes provide performance enhancing training for individuals. Competition for these athletes is obtained via club (county and regional leagues) and school competition.

Hints and tips for coaches
Please find below links to external websites that might provide coaches with useful hints and tips.

More links will be added as they become available.

INFA Coaching Manual – a worthwhile resource for all coaches – free download in .pdf format

Make warm up and cool down exercises fun and varied

Netball drills and warm up ideas

Training Drills and warm up exercises