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Plym Vic Netball Club (Plympton Victoria)

PlymVic teams playing within Plymouth Netball:

PlymVic Saints – Division 1

PlymVic Chiefs – Division 2

PlymVic Harlequins- Division 3

PlymVic Wasps – Division 4

PlymVic Saracens – Division 5

PlymVicNetball Club practice and play in Plymouth. The club has teams playing in a range of divisons within the Plymouth Netball League; from Divison 5 through to Division 1. This means we can accomodate players across varying ages and skill levels – the one thing we have in common though is our love of Netball.

Within our Club we have teams that play for fun and fitness through to teams that play at a more competitive level in the higher divisions. But our over riding ethos is that netball is available for everyone to enjoy.

We welcome new & existing players and provide the first week’s training at no charge to enable you to meet all the team and not have to pay for the priviledge!!!! Should you wish to continue training we make a charge of £2.00, if you become a permanent member of the club, participating in league fixtures, we then make a charge of £20.00 per month to cover all match/umpire and training costs.

We would love to see anyone who wishes to play Netball –  come along and join us for fun, fitness competition and new friends. We are a friendly bunch with a great social outlook too!

Interested in joining us? Then contact Lesley Bevan via e-mail at lesleyjbevan@btinternet.com to find out more or visit us on Facebook – PlymVic Netball.