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Madballs Netball Club

Premier B – Parkhurst Hill
Division 2 – RP Matters
Madballs Netball began over 14 years ago with a group of friends coming together to play seasonal sports – the autumn/winter meant it was time for Netball with the spring/summer the time for rounders.
Over the years the club has evolved and developed with more and more new members joining each season.  Regular Wednesday training sessions along with frequent social outings (and trips to Spain to play netball) have produced a strong club with loyal and committed members.
The club currently has two teams in the league – a Division 2 who joined the Plymouth Netball League in January 2011 and a Premier B team.  Both teams have a strong set of supportors who are often found filling the Life Centre balcony.  As the club has grown, two fundemental elements remain, love of the game and genuine friendships that has built up over the years.