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The PDNL umpiring secretary is in place to develop umpiring within the league and to support all umpires to reach their full potential.

Your PDNL umpiring secretary is Mel Rooks. Mel can be contacted on: (to follow)

The PDNL umpiring secretary works closely with the West Devon umpiring secretary and the Netball South West umpire co-ordinator to ensure consistency across the county and region.

Umpire Testing

All C Award tests have to go through West Devon County Umpire Secretary Karen Jones. If you wish to be tested please email Karen on karen.jones@umpireonline.net  and an application form will be sent to you.

C tests take place on Division 1 matches during the winter season. The cost is currently £25

For more information on Courses and Awards click here: http://www.englandnetball.co.uk/officiating/Courses_and_Awards.php

For sample test application forms click here:


For sample exam papers


Umpire Courses for 2014-15
Dates to be confirmed shortly.

For more information on all umpiring courses including the new Match Bench Officials workshop click here:

link to follow..

Umpire Development Pathway

There are 6 different levels/awards in umpiring and each level must be reached before you can move further up the ladder. In West Devon we don’t operate the Beginner Award, and adults are supported directly towards the C Award

To get started join a club and practice scoring, timekeeping and umpiring at training sessions.

  • Attend a C Award course, these are often organised at local league level but also administered by the County Association.
  • Take the FENA C Award
    This is made up of a test paper consisting of 20 questions requiring YES/NO answers, where a minimum of 17 questions need to be answered correctly. Then a practical test of a minimum of 30 minutes where umpires must show their ability in the application of the rules and controlling the game by:
    – Correct use of voice, whistle and terminology
    – Positioning and movement
    – Penalising correctly, obvious infringements of the rules
    – Appearance and manner
    – Ability to score correctly, and call the score at each centre pass
  • Continue Umpiring appropriate matches, such as local league and club events and Regional events where the C Award is acceptable.
  • Attend a B award Course (This is administered through the Regional Association) After the course gain further umpiring experience. You will need an assessment to say you are ready to take your test.
  • Take the FENA B Award
    Candidates are required to umpire a good standard game for the duration of one hour. They will be expected to control a high proportion of faults which occur in the obvious line of vision and to demonstrate some ability to see and control faults in off the ball situations. Accurate terminology, effective communication, fitness combined with wise movement are all expected to be evident. They must answer satisfactorily a minimum of 7 oral questions from 10 questions selected by the Testers from a prepared booklet.

As a B award umpire you are eligible to:

  • Umpire at Regional Leagues and some National Events (subject to passing a fitness test)
  • Take the Umpire Tutor Award
  • Become a Tester for the C and B Award
  • Progress to the A Award
  • Gain umpiring experience by making yourself available for Regional and National events.

To progress to the ‘A’ Award candidates must have had at least one year’s experience in umpiring various types of matches such as club, regional etc since passing the B Award. The ‘A’ Award will involve candidates taking a written paper held twice a year in May and November and lasts 3 hours in which different types of questions relating to all sections of the current rules book need to be answered correctly.

You must complete a log of the matches you umpire (Blue Card). When this is complete and you have gained a Pass on your written paper you can ask to have an assessment. When this is gained you can apply to take your A test.

Candidates will be watched for a minimum period of one hour on a high level premier/national match and must satisfy the Testers in:

  • Practical umpiring ability
  • Answering oral questions, either by explanation or at the candidates discretion, by demonstration

As an A Award umpire you are eligible to:

  • Umpire at National events including leagues and tournaments (after completing a fitness test), England training sessions
  • Become a Tester for C, B and A Award
  • Assistance to progress to the A Award and ultimately to the National Accreditation and International Award may be sought via England Netball Association.